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Chronic Creek is a premier provider of cannabis products that promotes and supports the health and well-being of all people.

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We now hold our annual cultivation license!

Chronic Creek is the genesis of cannabis heritage in Humboldt County blended with the upstart organizational experience and knowhow needed to thrive in the tightly regulated California cannasphere. We are a women owned and run mainstream cannabis brand looking to serve the daily burner to the weekend warrior and everything in between. We want to create a safe, comfortable space for every level of cannabis enthusiast to have an excellent experience and develop a trustworthy relationship with a confident, reliable farm and product. Our aim is to maintain and promote a favorable, responsible image of the cannabis industry.

Available Now

Platinum Poison

Genetics: Platinum OG X Durban Poison
Type: Hybrid
Straight from the creek, Platinum Poison tempts the nostrils with a sweet and skunky nose. Yet the effect is balanced with a heady Durban feel followed by an easy going OG body vibe. A nuanced high to be enjoyed by all.

Forbidden Fruit

Genetics: Tangie X Cherry Pie
Type: Indica
Calling all the purple people out there. The only aspect of our Forbidden Fruit that dazzles more than the eye, is the nose. Once smelled, this fruity medley is not easily forgotten. This one lives up to the billing; if you know, you know.

Chronic Creek Three Pack

Description: Three full flower 0.5 gram joints (never from trim) with a lighter to maximize convenience and serve anyone whose on the go.

Purple Punch

Genetics: Larry OG X Granddaddy Purple
Type: Indica Dominant
Description: Dubbed a dessert strain as it is suited for after dinner enjoyment and relaxation. The fragrance of sweet grape and berry gives way to frosty purple/green nugs, perfect for keeping both mind and body at ease. Get punched.

Chronic Cookies

Genetics: Thin Mint GSC
Type: Hybrid
Description: An evenly balanced hybrid with lineage stemming from the original GSC (Durban Poison X OG Kush) but leaning toward Thin Mint. With a sweet, minty smell, Chronic Cookies offers a balanced mind/body effect and packs some serious potency. Cannasseuers only recommended with significant psychoactive properties.

Hades OG

Genetics: Fire OG X Original OG Kush
Type: Hybrid
Description: Considered genetically rare by Phylos Bioscience, Hades OG is the result of a collaborative effort between renowned breeders Humboldt Seed Company and Dark Heart Nursery. This gassy engine blows lemon, earthy and pine from the pipes when it gets fired up.

Black Jack

Genetics: Black Domina X Jack Herer
Type: Sativa Dominant
Description: Earth. Pine. Citrus. From container to combustion, the Black Jack powerhouse doubles down on flavor from smell to smoke. This strain is notorious for high THC counts, thus making it fantastic for stress, pain and fatigue management.

4G (Sold Out)

Genetics: GSC x Gelato 45 x GG#4
Type: Indica Dominant
Description: A trifecta of old favorites combines to bring us this exotic fire bred by Purple Caper Seeds. With sweet, sour appeal and a gassy nose, 4G offers a euphoric and balanced effect on the mind and body.

Blackberry Fire (Sold Out)

Genetics: Blackberry Kush x Fire Lady
Type: Indica Dominant
Description: Bred by Purple Caper Seeds, Blackberry Fire is a cross between Blackberry Kush and Fire Lady. Lauded for its fuel like flavor, Blackberry Fire was awarded 2nd place at the HempCon Cup Awards in 2016. With a gas like terpene profile and strong hints of berry, the nose on this beauty wreaks of sour, mineral like, and fruity sweetness.

Do Sa Do (Sold Out)

Genetics: GSC x Face Off OG

Type: 50/50 Hybrid
Description: A fresh perspective on a familiar friend from that cookies family. Do Sa Do entices the palate with hints of lime, pine and mint with that sweet, earthiness that is incumbent of GSC. Heady? Yes. Body? Yes. Right for You? Absolutely.

Dream Queen (Sold Out)

Genetics: Skunk #1 x Mazar
Type: Sativa Dominant
Description: Many stories and versions have been told about how this sativa rocket came to be. Also known as Green Crack and/or Green Kush; Dream Queen's genetics have been debated for years. Some subscribe to the Ohio version (Cecil Kush'ss crossing of Skunk #1 and unknown indica) others credit foothill grows in Chico (twisting Blue Dream and Space Queen). Whatever you believe, this fruity and sweet flavored darling is always a lively addition to any friendly discourse.

GG#4 (Sold Out)

Genetics: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel
Type: Sativa Dominant
Description: The new classic. Accidentally spawned by the legendary Joesy Whales when some of his Chem Sis plants hermied and pollinated some nearby Sour Dubb, GG4 has become a new staple. The lemon, piney scent give way to that sweet, chocolatey diesel flavor during and after consumption.

Skittlez (Sold Out)

Genetics: Grape Ape x Grapefruit
Type: Hybrid
Description: This new kid on the block is fast turning into a crowd pleaser. Fruity and grape sweetness please the nose and the palette upon combustion. With relaxed, uplifting and happy effects, this balanced strain seems to find a way to smooth out everyone's daily grind.

Core Values

From the beginning, two mothers founded Chronic Creek with the core values that encompass:

Exuding and maintaining a favorable image of the cannabis industry

  •    -- Accountability
  •    -- Integrity
  •    -- Responsible adults who like to have a good time

Producing clean and safe cannabis

  •    -- Our growing methods are all natural and minimize the impact on local flora and fauna
  •    -- We are all part of a greater eco system which we are only borrowing from our children.


  •    -- Our Farm Manager, Heather Keating, has a multi-generational link to Humboldt County dating back to the 19th century
  •    -- The foundation of the global landscape of cannabis has been largely influenced and built on the back of farmers in Humboldt County who have had their hands, blood and sweat in the soil for more than 100 years. These hills are the marrow of the cannabis world.

Growing Now

Multiple Products:
- Flower and Pre-Rolls

Growing Now:
- Peanut Butter Breath
- Sour Patch Kids
- Wedding Cake
- Chronic Cookies
- London Punch
- Forbidden Passion


Here at Chronic Creek, we create and utilize sustainable organic potting soil to develop a viable food web for microorganisms and beneficial bacteria promoting healthy roots. Our plants receive daily attention where we use the latest in green house and light technology to ensure proper light spectrum. Our non-toxic pest control solutions and pairing of certain varieties of flora to naturally deter pests has allowed us to pass the rigorous testing of the state of California in EVERY strain grown at Chronic Creek. We pride ourselves on sustainable, environmentally conscious, organic growing methods. Our blend of technology and hands on, "old school" techniques creates a dynamic environment for our plants to thrive. That is why we are PURE HUMBOLDT!



- If you are interested in employment in this exciting, burgeoning industry please contact us. We are always looking for highly motivated, like-minded people in numerous capacities.

Community Support


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CA State License:
Adult Use: CAL18-0000700

Permanent Humboldt County License Holder

Member of both:
California Growers Association and Humboldt County Growers Alliance


Our Current Retail Partners:
Chatsworth: Strain Balboa Caregivers
Crows Landing: Highway 33
Desert Hot Springs: All About Bud, Green Pearl Organics, IV THC
Dixon: Dixon Wellness Collective
Los Angeles: Hollyweed, Omnia Industry
Oakland: Greenleaf Wellness
Nevada City: Elevation 2477
Playa Del Ray: Green City Collective
Richmond: Green Remedy
Sacramento: Abatin Wellness; All About Wellness; Safe Capital Compassion Co-Op; Valley Health Options
San Andreas: Green Gold Cultivators
San Diego: Mankind Cooperative
San Jose: Santa Cruz Genetics; White Fire
Shasta Lake: 530 Cannabis
Sun Valley: Unified
Sylmar: Greenlight Discount Pharmacy
Vallejo: Better Health Group
Wilmington: Delta 9 T.H.C

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Arcata, CA
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