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Chronic Creek is a premier provider of cannabis products that promotes and supports the health and well-being of all people.

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As a small family farm, we know the value of relationships and connections, such unity is at the foundation of everything we do.

Whether it's our "Always Flower. Never Trim." pre-rolls or our upcoming live resin carts, we're constantly looking for ways to improve our products, while offering the highest level of service to our retail partners and consumers in the state we love so much.


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White Runtz

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Genetics: Zkittlez X Gelato
Type: Indica Dominant

From our crew to yours, White Runtz fits the bill with a unique and unmatched nose and terp profile.
Hints of hoppy cinnamon get rounded out by the fruity funk one would expect from a Zkittlez descendant.
Grab a handful while you can as our White Runtz is a limited batch and will not be available long.

Total Cannabinoids: 28.64%
Total THC: 25.08%
Harvest Date: 8-25-20


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Sweet. Smooth. This the move.
Flavors: You guessed it! Strawberry sweetness with banana aroma to entice the nostrils and palate.
Effects: Happy and stoney with full body relaxation
Looking to get high without getting too low? Pull up to the blender and catch the berry banana feels up and down our all cannabis high terpene extract oil.

Lemon Cake

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When life gives you lemons, vape Lemon Cake.
Flavors: Essence of cookie with HEAVY lemon and elusive banana.
Effects: Active and chill is the spirit of the west.
Summer is here and Lemon Cake is a limonene crowd pleaser.
From the coast to the Delta, our Lemon Cake is ideal for a day on the water or just an easy skankin Tuesday on the stoop.

Mendo Breath

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Lost Coast Mouthwash.
Flavors: Dank resin with hints of pepper.
Effects: Clean, crisp, uplifting and perfect for the active puffer.
Our Mendo Breath cart is perfect for the purist who desires the simple and upfront flavoring of cannabis. No frills; get to the point, this ain't no bammer joint.

Scarlett Sangria

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The People Spoke. We Listened.
Flavors: Heavy strawberry with hints of cake.
Effects: Relaxing and chill; the Sangria gives you a whole new way of looking at the day.
Scarlett Sangria returns to capture the heart, mind and lungs of friends new and original.
Prepare for a terp explosion of cake and sweetness upon ignition.
Our ultra refined high potency distillate will get you there, but with Scarlett Sangria, the journey will be equally as sweet.

Peanut Butter Breath

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Genetics: Dosidos X Mendo Breath F2 Type: 50/50
The unique nose on this one is as advertised. Gas and nuttiness combine for an unparalleled olfactory experience until combustion. The first hit will feel and taste more like a vaping experience with these deep green and resinous nugs. Cerebral sensation is only the beginning as flavor and effect explode from the third eye to the rest of the body.
Let PB Breath sandwich you between relaxation and euphoria.

Total Cannabinoids: 27.62%
Total THC: 23.72%
Harvest Date: 8-25-20

Outer Sunset

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Genetics: Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint GSC
Type: Indica Dominant

Our version of Gelato 33 brings a sweet, citrus funk with dense, ultra green nugs.
Don't get too nostalgic on us as that confectionary scent gives way to a nose reminiscent of body odor, stirring specters of your old gym socks.

Total Cannabinoids: 22.93%
Total THC: 21.53%
Harvest Date: 8-9-20

Chronic Cookies

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Genetics: Durban Poison X OG Kush)
Type: Indica Hybrd
Like walking through the streets of San Francisco. Once the jar is cracked, be greeted with sweet and spicy; bad breath and body odor. Earthy hints of doughy vanilla are offset by the aggressive citrus skunk of this Bay Area Legend. A balanced and full spectrum stone begins with cerebral heady effects morphing into a couch friendly high that's certain to please everyone from the novice to the cannaisseur. Uplifting yet relaxing, Chronic Cookies comes correct as a prime Cali staple.

Forbidden Fruit

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Come for the flavor. Stay for the high.
Flavors: Fresh Citrus, Sweet Berry, Mango
Effects: A balanced mix of vibes, apropos for any day, any time.
Terps for days with this indica dominant flavor mashed up from the two fruit bombs, Cherry Pie and Tangie.
Lemony berries and earth lead the way to a tasty buffet. Take some time off, this one works to instill the chill.


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Straight Classic. Straight Fire.
Flavors: Pungent, Pine, Earth, Sour
Effects: Uplifting and happy with euphoric relaxation.
A renowned strain out of 90s Netherlands, AK-47 is a mix of South American, Thai and Mexican sativa crossed with an Afghani indica.
AK-47 will have you relaxed and mellow with a clean buzz ideal for active creativity.

Bigfoot Blend

With unsettled stories and bizarre tales of a dank and powerful creature, Willow Creek is hailed as the 'Bigfoot Capitol of the World'

Bigfoot Blend synergizes Lemon Tree and Chronic Cookies to get you feeling eight feet tall, while getting you deep into the woods.

Tall tales. Friendly fables. Singular solidarity. Bigfoot Blend is the missing link between joint discourse or a solo smoke.

Core Values

From the beginning, we founded Chronic Creek with the core values that encompass:

Exuding and maintaining a favorable image of the cannabis industry

  •    -- Accountability
  •    -- Integrity
  •    -- Responsible adults who like to have a good time

Producing clean and safe cannabis

  •    -- Our growing methods are all natural and minimize the impact on local flora and fauna
  •    -- We are all part of a greater eco system which we are only borrowing from our children.


  •    -- The foundation of the global landscape of cannabis has been largely influenced and built on the back of farmers in Humboldt County who have had their hands, blood and sweat in the soil for more than 100 years. These hills are the marrow of the cannabis world.


Here at Chronic Creek, we create and utilize sustainable organic potting soil to develop a viable food web for microorganisms and beneficial bacteria promoting healthy roots. Our plants receive daily attention where we use the latest in green house and light technology to ensure proper light spectrum. Our non-toxic pest control solutions and pairing of certain varieties of flora to naturally deter pests has allowed us to pass the rigorous testing of the state of California in EVERY strain grown at Chronic Creek. We pride ourselves on sustainable, environmentally conscious, organic growing methods. Our blend of technology and hands on, "old school" techniques creates a dynamic environment for our plants to thrive. That is why we are PURE HUMBOLDT!



- If you are interested in employment in this exciting, burgeoning industry please contact us. We are always looking for highly motivated, like-minded people in numerous capacities.

Community Support


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CA State License:
Adult Use: CAL18-0000700

Permanent Humboldt County License Holder

Member of both:
California Growers Association and Humboldt County Growers Alliance


Our Current Retail Partners:
Arcata: Livity, Humboldt Herb and Market
Berkeley: Hi-Fidelity
Eureka: Proper Wellness, Humboldt's Premium
Fairfax: Marin Alliance
Felton: Curbstone Exchange
Martinez: Velvet
McKinleyville: Satori Wellness, The Ganjery
Merced: Manzanita
Oakland : The 1 Delivery, The Diamond Bonsai (Delivery), Royal Greens (Delivery)
Petaluma: Down Under Industries
Redding: Synergy
Richmond: Green Remedy, Holistic Healing Collective
Rio Dell: Proper Wellness
Sacramento: All About Wellness, Clevertree Delivery, Connected Cannabis, Dr. Greenthumb, Green Solutions, Mainstage, Jay Goods Delivery, Two Rivers Wellness, 515 Broadway, Vibe by California, Vibe - Sacramento, 1841 El Camino
Salinas: East of Eden
San Francisco: Grass Roots Collective, PURE710SF, Urban Pharm, Barbary Coast Lounge, Barbary Coast Sunset
San Jose: Herb's Collective
Santa Rosa: Flora Terra
Shasta Lake: 530 Cannabis
Stockton: Connected Cannabis, Vibe - Stockton
Vallejo: Vallejo Holistic Health Center, Vallejo Relief Center

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Willow Creek, CA
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